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Oh God, it's been over a month and I have absolutely nothing to show for it. April/May got a little crazy with testing and other stuff.
But this month I'll be better, after all I want to be completely done with this thing by the end of the summer. Well, I don't want to be done with it, but I do at the same time you know? Because I want that sense of accomplishment and I really like this idea so I think it should be completed, but I also love writing the story and I love my characters.

Hmm and yet I'm willing to kill one off. Mostly because that's where the idea went, but also because then that makes it into not such a cliché. Not according to a friend of mine, but I don't much care what he says so whatever.

Anyway I'm just going to keep on writing and see what happens


To Write

So I've finally gotten past a huge point in my story, the point where my old first draft ends and I'm in uncharted territory. I now have 82.5 pages and I'm itching to print it out and edit it like mad.


Because every great story starts out with a less than stellar draft.

Still, I want to get into the meat of the story (baby, and death) but I have to make sure everything that is important is said before I get there. Like I can't just skip over a bunch of months without having the relationship develop as the months progress. Julie's closer and closer to dropping her cheeleading friends and becoming more of a bad ass as we speak as I type... my story.

Unfortunately, being a student and a writer, I have to do my homework. Soon though summer will give me hours upon hours to write, or to not write. But preferably to write.


Just Another Post

So I have not posted in quite a while. I've been working on the novel, 37.5 pages in, but I haven't reached the point in my story where I don't have an old draft. Because I started this new draft and it isn't my first draft, but I have not finished just one draft. I swear I will not start a new new draft, until - of course - i actually finish the story. Then I'll print it out and mark it up.

I like watching plays with strong male characters/romantic plotlines/subplots. It makes me see how I can make my male characters more romantic, loveable, etc.

Last night I spent most of my writing time converted my "southern belle" to a native Bostonian. I found an amazing site which gave me all these slang words people use in that region, maybe someone here is from around there and can tell me if it's correct?

I think I'll go stare at a new blank "page"



I've resurrected a character. Remember Chelsea, okay no you don't - but how about my post about Chelsea and how I deleted her? Huh? Yeah? Okay, awesome.

Well I was in a bit of a pickle, or a pinch...I had a problem.

See I deleted Chelsea and combined her character into this other girl Becky. But then I was reading my 2nd first draft and realized I had written a good part with Becky in it, but it wouldn't work in this newest first draft because of the character combination. So I brought Chels back and now I'm working there and with that.

Thought you all should know


Grey Pageboy Cap

I'm a jealous person. A vain and jealous person.

I have dressed myself up in a lovely rainbow scarf and a grey pageboy cap. I am wearing a blue&white striped shirt. Give me a loaf of bread and I will be a stereotypical, but colorful, Parisian girl - you know: beret, black&white stripes, bread (yeah? right? anyone?)

And I'm jealous. Jealous of the people with book deals, jealous of the teenager who posted that she's being published by HarperCollins.

And it works for me. See, this is motivation. Oh yes, I read about these people and I say fuck yeah I can do that too! And I work on my story. So it's good, it's all good.

R.I.P Chelsea Blake - MC's best friend

Okay, I've finished drawing up all my mini character sketches/info and now I'm going to continue on with the rest of my Final First Draft. I've completely deleted my MC's old best friend. I decided she really couldn't have a best friend if she was going to end up ditching them all anyway. I was going to make her (Chelsea) the "bff" of another character, but she was too much like this other character. So yeah, that's the second cheerleader I've killed off - well the second one I've made disappear. Maybe I'll post more of it.



Props On the Cool Name Right?

Hey there, thought you all should know I'm done feeling sorry for myself. No more whining and bitching (at least not for the next few days) because if I'm going to get better than I'm going to write and reach that point. I am currently working on brief character sketches so I can re-start my first draft with a clear head and I will not re-start again.

Here I do swear to that, in front of all you (maybe three tops if I'm lucky) witnesses!

I'm a procrastinator at heart, and at all other places inwardly and outwardly, but there is no time for procrastination here and now. At least not for the next few days and when it comes to my writing (homework, sure). I had a whole week off and what did I get done? Little to nothing. I'm hitting the proverbial books (really keyboard), burning the midnight oil (light bulb). I will reach my goal, I will finish my first novel.

My goal is to be done with the first draft by the end of this summer. I have about six months. I think that is more than enough time. Don't you? Hopefully I'll get in some solid editing at the end of the summer as well.

Until next time, thanks for the kind, supportive words. Teenagers can be good writers, we/I/they just need to apply ourselves/themselves/myself


I Enjoy Using the Word Glossy

Well everyone is now fully aware how much I suck. Phew.

Let's talk about something else (besides the glossy new flat screen my dad won at a superbowl party that isn't working or the snow that's ruining my morning - because what do those have to do with writing?)

Another Announcement of Sorts:

I write teen fiction.

:waits for the non-believers to start shunning:

It's true, and I LOVE it - so there. I mean hell I'm a teenager, it's not like I'm going to write really deep meaningful existentialist prose. I mean I could, but I'm not going to because that's not my style. What I don't do is write crap with chatspeak and IMing. I also don't write the story where the girl falls in love with her best friend, the girl falls in love with a vampire (although I do read Twilight and it's the best god damn series out there), the girl whines because her boyfriend broke up with her.

I try to keep my characters three-dimensional and very un-stock like. Try being the operative word.

Now the I know the question is posed on all your lips, you're waiting with bated breath: what are you writing about now?

Hey, thanks for asking!

My current story is about a cheerleader with obsessive compulsive tendencies named Julie who meets a romantic artist who tells knock knock jokes named Ben. Obviously they get together, but that happens in the second chapter (ergo not the point of the story). The story goes on about their relationships, the problems and the falling in love (my MC Julie has dated a lot of boys in the past and doesn't believe love exists). But then a little less than a year into their relationship they have sex (a first for Julie) and guess what happens. . .

Well of course she gets pregnant (what kind of story would it be if she didn't?). It gets better (well technically it gets worse but I'm pretty proud of myself for writing this, really being in the process of writing this that I always tell this part with glee). Ben gets in an accident . . . and dies.


(I already know I just did that for dramatic effect)


God Do I Suck, or What?

I feel it's only fair to point out my attention whorey-ness to my non-readers right now.
I've just spent the last two hours setting up groups, posting in places asking people to LOOK AT ME LOOK AT ME

When in actuality I am little to nothing (with high self esteem to boot).

I've never actually finished a whole novel. Everytime I see my NaNoWriMo "score" from this year (my first year) I die a little inside from 3rd degree shame burns. God do I suck or what?

Did I mention I have three "journals" all saying the same thing (this, blogger, and xanga) just because I want people to NOTICE me?

And I have a sick twisted idea that one day I'll have actual fans who will get a kick out of reading this... oh God I can't believe I'm actually posting that little secret because it's so... ack. I mean what are my chances of ever even becoming published?

My God I'm not a real writer am I? I don't observe enough, don't obsess enough, don't write enough.

Just read a lovely little bit on how Stephanie Meyer began Twilight and I feel SO sub par.


It's not her fault I suck and she's got five books (not all out yet) and a movie deal and millions of fans and Bestsellers. And all I have is 40,000+ words of fiction that I'm trashing to begin my FIRST DRAFT again.

I think I'll go wallow (and work on my characters because that's the only way I'm going to re-start this book and I will finish it and it will rock).


No jokes about Doubt this time, she's gotten the best of me


Here's an interesting idea: an introduction of sorts

My psuedonym for this site will be Violet

I love to write, read, photograph, smell plastic, browse xangas, sleep on the grass in the sun, receive Thesaraus' and other writing tools, journal online, daydream, watch TV, procrastinate, play with cats, be crazy, sit on tables, dance in the rain, swim in the ocean, drink Yoo Hoo, listen to bands no one likes, collect things I'll never use, drink cold water, wear converse, go to concerts and buy a t-shirt, collect shot glasses, watch movies, play with Play Dough, eat ice cream in summer time, hang out with my friends in parks, swing, take polaroids, take charge, work on my school's literary magazine, browse book stores, not study, eat chocolate covered marshmallows in the festive holiday shapes, buy books, decorate my room with pictures, drive, cut stuff out of magazines, look at other people's journals, buy nail polish, play dress up, listen to my fingers on the keyboard

I hate to have a cold right hand while I'm at the computer, leave readers hanging online, read Hemingway, mess up nailpolish, get no where in writing, veg out and let time run out, procrastinate till I want to kill myself, listen to bad music, eat gross food, sit on sharp objects, watch boring movies, be bored, think about the world in twenty years much less my own life - or lack thereof, waste my life - after the fact, think about boys too much, do assigned work, not drive, have dry hands, have broken headphones, lose stuff, work somwhere boring where I can't talk to people, use chatspeak, sneeze, have a cold right hand while I'm at the computer

This is a writing journal

I'm recording this for posterity. . .

Main Entry:
pos·ter·i·ty Listen to the pronunciation of posterity
Middle English posterite, from Anglo-French pusterité, from Latin posteritat-, posteritas, from posterus coming after
14th century
1 : the offspring of one progenitor to the furthest generation 2 : all future generations

Oh. I honestly never knew what 'posterity' meant. I never thought it meant that.

Honestly I'm recording this for myself and to get people to read what I have to say. I'm not an author yet, but I will be soon.

Maybe then people will actually be reading these words.

For now I'm just a teenager in the suburbs with a working computer and a dream

I'm just talking to myself.